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Société Honoraire de Français

Welcome! Bienvenue!

Société Honoraire de Français is a national organization much like National Honor Society that recognizes students of French for their achievements. The Ankeny High School chapter received and signed our charter in January of 2015. All of our initiates and current members must meet certain criteria for initiation which include taking le Grand Concours (a very challenging French exam), maintaining an an A- average in French courses and a B- average in all other courses, completing service hours, and demonstrating leadership within the French classroom and beyond. SHF members plan and host regular French-themed events that anyone in our school community is welcome to attend.

Look on our Google classroom (code yzxltvl)to find application information. We will collect and review applications in the spring semester for induction in April or May. Please look at the application before the deadline to ensure you are meeting the requirements of membership.

Please follow our Twitter page @AnkenyShf for updates!

Angela Worley Petersen
Société Honoraire de Français Sponsor

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