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Southview Activities and Clubs

Club Sponsor Contact
Brother2Brother Michael Allen Email
Cheerleading (9th) Maddi Cheney Email
Chess Club Amy Akers Email
Comedy Club LeAnn Oldenburger Email
D & D Club TBD
Debate – (9th) Luke Schut Email
Drama (8th & 9th) LeAnn Oldenburger Email
Jazz Band (8/9th) Nathan Newhard, Crystal Rumbaugh Email
Knowledge Bowl (8/9th) Nathan Coombes Email
Robotics Club (8/9th) Jennifer Poole Email
Showchoir (8th) Jill Bjorklund, David Sponder Email
Sisters4Success Davena Johnson Email
Sparkle Squad Jenny Gray Email
Student Leadership Council (8/9th) Lauren Linge, Michael Allen Email
Speech – Individual (9th) LeAnn Oldenburger Email
Speech – Large Group (9th) LeAnn Oldenburger Email
Trapshooting (8/9th) Larry Brandmeyer Email
Writer Workshop LeAnn Oldenburger Email
Yearbook (8/9) Katee Sandquist Email